Core HR

Successfully manage your employees' attendance, time tracking and leave management.

Grant or restrict permissions to specific users for specific data and functions.
Organized teams operate better.
Achieve technical independence through workflow automation tools.

Store, manage and access employee information from single secure centralise database.

 Get notifications before the document expires, to avoid legal tenability.

Share, track and manage your assets/equipment.

Reduce HR workload with employee self service.

Employee Management
Employee Information Management

With the HRMS Training module, the businesses can correctly concentrate on the right training and skill development of their employees. 

Onboard your employee with their ID card, Business card & Access card.

An IQAMA is a residence permit issued to expatriates who arrive in KSA on an employment visa. 

Manages employees passport and visa information

Make your presence feel that you care.

Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.

Expat levy fees are calculated for Non-Saudi nationals working and living with their dependents in Saudi Arabia.

Annual ticket module provides an overview of the allocated amount, provision amount, used amount and balance amount.

Manage change of sponsor from one employer to another.

Workforce Administration

Manage your attendance easily and effectively

Easy to calculate the additional hard work of your employees.

Leaves / Time off
Al Sahal HR automates leave management with employee self tracking feature

Manage employees leaves request.

Time-off benefits against their productive output, along with managing unnecessary absenteeism.
Worklogs tracking
Automatic management of employees' timesheets with the payslip.
Payroll and Employee benefits

Al Sahal Payroll management provides one-click salary computation with easy to view, access and printing of payslips.

Different Insurance Policies related calculations and affect in employees' payslips.

Loan calculations and deductions in employees' monthly payslip generation.Also facilitates to generate and mange different kinds of operations based on employees' loans

Manage advance salary request generated by employees.Employees can also generate request to skip instalment to their managers.

Appraisal management system takes care of a regular track of employee's performance throughout the year and provides bias-free review to their performance, which is also based on their colleagues' reviews.

Update employee expenses, approve & reimburse.
Performance Management

Set, Target & Scale your employees performance

Scale employees achievement with accurate and transparent performance assessment.

Identify highly proficient employees and increase your productivity by analyzing the real-time performance of your employees.

 Update and boost your employee's confidence with continuous feedback mechanism.
 All-round employee feedback for overall employee performance.
Recruitment and Onboarding

Organize your vacancies, Job applications & Manage hiring process

Create job requisitions to increase your manpower.

 Track job applications straight from the app.

Define your own interview stages and hire suitable candidates.
Extra Tools

Move to a paperless approach.

Good communication enhances team performance.

Which makes all the document management operations easy.

When an Employee will work on different projects then cost will be divided b/w different projects and related accounts will be bifurcated for them.

Contract Management

Easy-to-use, comprehensive contracts management solution.

Time for the organization and the employee to review each other!

 Modify the contract with ease!

GR Operation
Single window to manage all government operations!

Manage employee GOSI and HADAF calculations

Admin Operation
Arrange flight booking and accommodation for business trips.
Manage print material requests from employees.
Employee seperation/EOS

Hassle-free way for Employee - EOS and Resignation process

IT Operation

Registration for new comers in the system and resource allocation with approvals

Automating onboarding with provisioning Request Management.

In case of any kind of corrective or preventive maintenance, generate maintenance request to higher authorities.