Sponsorship Transfer

Manage change of sponsor from one employer to another.


Employee Sponsorship Transfer

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how HR Manager can change sponsorship of an employee from one organization to the another organization.

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Transfer Sponsorship: HRMS Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, all expatriate employees must be sponsored by an employer. An Iqama is the rough equivalent of a work permit for foreign workers. It officially documents the sponsorship role of an employer.
Transferable Iqama means a change of sponsor i.e. from one employer to the other.
When employees are hired for different organisations then their sponsorship transfer details are easily managed in the module, like sponsorship transfer requests and approval.
  • Here HR managers can easily define employee records with a handled by a person.
  • It helps an organisation to track and manage each employee's records effectively.

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Sponsorship Transfer Request
Sponsorship Transfer Approval