Passport Management

Manages employees passport and visa information


Passport Management Process

Watch the functionality in Arabic Language that describes, how employees can submit passport to HR Manager and at the time of need, how HR Manager will be able to give passport back to employees, how employees will be able to resubmit passport to HR Manager.

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Passport Management: Passport Details

By passport management system you get information about the visa holder's passport, such as passport number, profession, issue/expiry dates, and the place of issue.
In this process, the employees can submit their passports to the HR manager. The manager enters all the passport details in the system and preserves them in a locker.

internal passport process of abdul

passport register of abdul

passport request

Internal Passport Process

Passport Request

The employees can request their passports for traveling purposes or for any other reason.

internal passport process

passport register of abdul

Passport Request Submitted stage

passport register at received stage

Features Of Passport Management

  • Passport submission
  • Passport locker
  • Passport request