• Industrial management is a broad term for Industry Planning, Industry Organization, Factory Management, Materials Management, Labor Administration, Industry Control, and much more. Industrial management is an organized approach to managing the operational activities of the organization.
  • In order to facilitate the management system of creation, with the appropriate utilization of resources, a modern, fast, and time-saving Industrial management system is required/ requisite.
  • Al Sahal HR software based on Odoo ERP also ensures that activities of different individuals are coordinated to attain the common purpose in the factory, proper accounting, reporting, and controlling the operations in the industry. 
Odoo provides automotive ERP solutions for the full-scale manufacturing processes, quality control, inventory, accounting, sales & service with many more features.
Enrich teaching techniques, student learning, recruiting, financial, analytics, and also manage administrative services for your School, College, University, or Institute.
Make your hotel, resort, bar, spa or lounge day-to-day transactions smarter & faster with superior guest experience.
Digitize all manufacturing industry operations (design, plan, build, deliver) service products throughout their lifecycle through the Odoo MRP application.

Property Rental
It helps property owners & managers to execute all daily essential tasks like property management, accounting, rental collection, generating reports etc.
Odoo POS provides a birds-eye view for your restaurant, bar, food outlets along with floor & table management. Furthermore, it also manages orders to your kitchen.
Odoo POS, inventory management, eCommerce platform provide a seamless unified shopping experience for your retail outlet.
From order management to delivery, manage the complete flow of your wholesale distribution network to achieve operational excellence.
Rental Services
Any business sector you are in, manage your rental business operations such as contract management, rental tenure, stock control, maintenance & repair.
Food & Beverages
Handle all operations with Odoo from processing raw food materials to finished product, quality check, packaging & distribution.
Health Care
Patient-centered healthcare systems, which promote patient engagement, operate & optimize clinical outcomes.

Professional Services
Operate and provide multiple professional services from a single system & one cloud to multiple users.
IT Services
Get a full 360-degree view of your business, more insights of automated activities, project management data, accounting, etc.

Spearhead the digital era, drive tailored digital experience by providing high- tech services & products to the customers.
Enchant customers’ ways of telecommunication with powerful digital channels, automating deployment & lifecycle management of your network services.
Accelerate reliability of local energy balance, with a sharp integrated, cloud-based system. Gain new revenue systems by modernizing utilities.
Obtain more transparency in the real- world awareness. Gain profitability with industry based cloud solutions with exceptional experiences. 
Cargo Transportation & Logistics
Direct the future of Cargo Transportation and Logistics with planned innovations of road maps and streamline industry solutions.

Sports and Entertainment
Uncover your Sports & Entertainment needs and get rich insights into players, team performance, visitors, and fans with ingenious technology.

Construction & Engineering
Streamline construction payment management process. Accelerate productivity of projects with standardized plain sailing project planning, scheduling, and delivery.
Demand- supply processes, Promotions, Finances, Personalized Shopping, all from single enterprise planning systems to speed up all fashion business.
Digitize your agribusiness sectors, build a powerful agribusiness network that manages Agriculture production, Trading, Food management, food chain supply chain management, etc.
Financial Service
Strengthen financial management process, get data-driven insights, gain customer satisfaction, profitability through optimize pricing, billing, insurance, transactions, etc.
Travels & Transportation
Fulfill various transportation modes. Provide lightsome, phenomenal, and excellent travel services to customers to meet their travel needs.
Consumer Goods
Boost product innovation, material sourcing to make the product cycle more efficient and multiply happy customers by bringing premium quality products.
Oil & Gas
Unify enterprise sales planning and their execution processes with fleeting computer power. Boost reservoir, drilling, and production operations of Oil & Gas.
Contract Workforce
Handle and direct all contracts from one software system: strategic contract development, document management, detailed cost information, etc.
Footwear & Accessories
Streamline integration in one complete automated system: Product Design, Multichannel Order management, Matrix set up, Supplier /Vendor management, etc.

Advertising & Digital Marketing
Stream on multi-devices, reach out to audiences and connect with the world with more optimized and unbiased advertisements.

Non Profit
Leverage non-profit processes, with fully integrated systems, quick to deploy: administrative tasks, manage records, etc.
Software & Technologies
Unleash the power of software & technology and take your business to new heights, serve high-tech services, products, etc.
Dairy Products
Ensure optimum utilization of all resources with complete profitability, expand your diary business with complete end-to-end ERP solutions.