IQAMA Management

An IQAMA is a residence permit issued to expatriates who arrive in KSA on an employment visa. 


Iqama Request Management

Watch the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how employees will be able to generate Iqama request to HR Manager and how HR Manager will be able to handle it in ERP System.

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IQAMA Management- Iqama Expiry, Iqama Status, Iqama Validity

Flow chart of iqama

IQAMA approval process

Saudi Iqama Details

Captures information about the work/residence (Iqama) permit an employee holds, such as Iqama Validity, Iqama Status, Iqama issue and Iqama Expiry, Hijri issue/expiry date and the place of issue.

iqama detail of abdul

iqama information at issue stage

iqama information of abdul at  draft stage

iqama detail at issue stage

Additional Features

  • ATTACHMENT of Employee IQAMA and other document copies can be printed. 
  • REMINDER for Employee IQAMA.