Customisable Workflows
Achieve technical independence through workflow automation tools.

Customize Workflows based on your Business Need 

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how you will be able to configure or customize different functionality related workflows in HR system based on your Business need.

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Customizable Workflow

An ERP workflow is a logical blueprint that describes how ERP applications manage business processes. An ERP workflow: provides real-time visibility of operations, helps to identify challenges and opportunities, enabling in making faster business decisions. streamlines and integrates tasks in the organisation.
Workflows define how a business document flows through the system indicating the approval process. The workflow functionality in Al Sahal HRMS helps ensure that documents are processed and approved in a consistent and efficient manner.

application of designer can customise workflow

application of designer can customise workflow with stages

application of designer can customise workflow

application of designer can customise workflow stageswise

Customised Workflows

Create tailored workflows that boost your organisation’s efficiency and accuracy in performing everyday tasks. 

Real-time Visibility

Say bye to assumptions and gain real-time visibility into onboarding, task management, and critical HR processes with the help of these workflows.

Create Multi-Level Request Approval Workflows

This feature allows multiple people or departments to review a single request, a set of data, or a piece of content.

Automate Redundant Tasks

Stop wasting your precious time on manual and repetitive tasks. Automate everyday repetitive tasks, with automation rules and let your employees focus on strategic actions.

Automate Event-Based Triggers

Easily set automated triggers for events like case creation, case updation, and case deletion.

Automated follow-ups on incomplete tasks

Automated follow-ups (emails, SMS, notifications) to remind employees of their incomplete tasks.

Task Assignment

Assign different tasks to different teams or departments for effective delegation and track the status.
Al Sahal provides automated workflow tools to build an efficient workforce. It helps in achieving higher goals in relatively less time and helps to focus more on critical business operations.