Document Expiry Alert
 Get notifications before the document expires, to avoid legal tenability.

Employees' Documents Expiry Alert

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how system will automatically gives alert before or on the time of expiry of different documents like Iqama, Passport, National ID etc.

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Document Expiry Reminder Software

Employee Document tracking is one of the most important procedures in any organisation. The company has to remain alert with the expiry date of the legal documents to avoid any legal tenability, e.g employee visa expiry date, legal permit or any licenses, etc.
Never pay a fine for a late renewal again. With the Al-Sahal HR software system, every employee’s passports, iqama, insurance, driving licenses, etc. documents' expiration date will be tracked and notified before they expire.


  • Documents Type
  • Expiry Date For Documents
  • Validation Date
  • Managing Documents of Employees
  • Mail Notification Based on Expiry Date.

passport detail

document expiry detail

Passport information/details

abdul's passport detail

Abdul's document expiration detail

abdul issued passport detail

abdul's expiry passport detail