Assets/Equipment Tracking

Share, track and manage your assets/equipment.


Manage your Assets/Equipments

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how you will be able to manage your Assets/Equipments related depreciation calculation in ERP System.

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Assets Tracking / Equipment Tracking

The system manages the records of the equipment or the assets possessed by the company. Records are maintained when they are handed over to the employee or the department. Maintenance of the equipment is also managed in this module.
  • The system maintains each and every Equipment/Asset track that is assigned to different employees.
  • Equipment allocation and deallocation will be managed here.
  • Also, the cost of Assets will be divided by employee wise.
We have a highly powerful asset management system that can help you streamline all your operations by storing all the asset information in one centralised dashboard.  

  • Real-Time Asset Tracking

    Easily track all company assets and manage information such as asset value and condition without any hassles. 
  • Employee Assets Request 

    Al Sahal makes it easier for the employees to apply or request for equipment or assets they need. On approval, the equipment is assigned to them based on availability. From multi-level approvals to compliance checks, the system makes the entire provisioning process easier.
  • Customisable Approval Workflows 

    You can easily set custom approvals on asset uploads before it is assigned to an employee. This ensures that no asset gets assigned to anyone before it has the necessary permissions or approvals from the concerned authorities.
  • Check Update History 

    No matter if you are a startup or a multinational organisation, our asset management system keeps track of all asset data and updates the history of each asset.
  • Categorise Assets

    Easily put assets under various categories based on their location, status (in use, out for repair, or in stock), condition (new, repair needed, damaged), and any other custom classification criteria.
  • Discard Your Assets

    With an assets management system, you can get rid of assets that are no longer in use and mark them as sold, lost, retired, or any other custom status.
  • Achieve Complete Accuracy

    There are times when you can have complaints about lost or stolen assets. Say goodbye to these complaints, as continuous tracking of assets minimises the risk of assets lost or mislaying. 
  • ROI - Return of Investment

    Having all your assets organised, helps in achieving a massive return on investment.


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