Employee Directory

Store, manage and access employee information from single secure centralise database.


Manage Employees Profiles

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how HR Manager will be able to manage different employees' profile in the system.

Directly from profiles, HR Manager will be able to redirect to all related necessary operations of employees.

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Employee Directory

The employee directory helps to find contact numbers, email addresses, slack handles, and complete employee information with their hierarchy.

Comprehensive Employee

Bid adieu to excel spreadsheets to maintain basic employee information, Maintain all your employee data in a secure centralised place.

Interactive Dashboard

The demographic characteristics of your employees data analysis on age, location, gender, department, ethnic groups etc..

Understand The Hierarchy

It allows a real-time overview of the organisational hierarchy which helps new employees understand where they fit and collaborate.

Advance Search

This feature allows admins or users to do an advanced search by name, location, department, job title, and email address.

Bulk Edit Information

Edit multiple employee records at the same time. You can edit bulk groups (department, location, etc.), manager, position, review process and other information.

Finding People with Specific Skill & Expertise

This user-friendly functionality makes it easy for everyone in the organisation to search for people with specific skills and expertise.

Employee Timeline 

From on boarding to off boarding, employee timeline enables managers and employees to have an overview of their entire journey in the organisation, with every piece of information.

Reduced Admin Time

A centralised employee directory will help the admins to easily find the information they are looking for and get a new employee on board quickly.

Clutter Free Telephone Directory

Get rid of paper directory or countless numbers in your phone as the employee directory allows easy access to job title, photos, location, expertise and other information.

Improved Onboarding

Reduce the risk of awkward encounters, all a new employee has to do is check the directory and find out which employee handles what.

Strengthen The Company Culture

The employee directory promotes a collaborative work culture by strengthening intra-organisational relationships.