Employee Registration

Registration for new comers in the system and resource allocation with approvals


Registration of Employee

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how IT Manager will be able to allocate different devices/equipments to the employee at the time of his/her registration process.

IT Manager will be also able to define handled by person for each and every process her. In case of any need, IT Manager will also be able to generate expense record.

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IT Operation: Employee Registration

Imagine that on your first day on the new job you already have your telephone, laptop, employee username/login, phone line, and voice mailbox, employee email account, company phone, business cards, and name badge. In addition, you already have access to the appropriate databases and user groups. And to top it off—multiple departments across the organization have already been notified of your arrival. This is the ideal scenario for most organizations. As an employer, you want every new recruit’s first day to be as reassuring and productive as possible.

The second part of the onboarding process includes provisioning the new hire with the tangible and intangible items they will need to be productive. New hires need to have their workspaces fully provisioned with phones, computers, email accounts, and the appropriate database and application access as soon as possible.

Employee onboarding and provisioning activities that are coordinated and orchestrated with a request management application are improved in a number of ways. The automation of these processes has proved time and again it is worth the investment. Companies who make the decision to streamline their procedures are rewarded with consistent cost reduction, accuracy, reliability, and cross-departmental capabilities as well as increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

Multiple operations are handled in the IT operations module, like new employee registration, issue of ID cards, allocation of electronic equipment, like laptops, mobile, pen-drive, etc.

  • If any equipment needs servicing or to be fixed/repaired, the IT manager can generate expense requests to the management directly.
  • When an employee resigns or completes his term, then the resources deallocation process is managed through this module.

Employee Registration Process

Resources Allocation with Approvals

Resources Deallocation with Approvals