Maintenance Request

In case of any kind of corrective or preventive maintenance, generate maintenance request to higher authorities.


Request for Equipment/Device Maintenance

Watch out the video in Arabic Language that describes when any employee finds any kind of defect in the functionality of any Equipment/machine allocated to them then they will be able to generate maintenance request.

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Manage Employees' requests for Equipments Maintenance

When there will be a problem with the functionality of equipment then employees will be able to generate maintenance requests for that equipment.
Here corrective maintenance or preventive maintenance types can be bifurcated from the maintenance request.
The higher authority will be able to define the maintenance team for task allocation as well as set the priority of the maintenance request.
They can also set time duration for the task in which it should be completed.


Kanban View for Maintenance Requests

Generate Requests for Maintenance


Corrective & Preventive Maintenance


 Teams Allocations


Manage Priority