Other Allowance/Deduction


Other Allowance/Deduction Calculation

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how the Accounting Team will be able to manage Allowances/Deductions by Amount, by Days, by Hours, by Percentage.

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Other Allowance/Deduction

Al Sahal HRMS System supports all the functionality of automating the allowances services in order to make employee allowance smooth and efficient. 
  • Super easy to handle all types of taxable and non-taxable allowance.
  • All allowances of employees will appear on the employee slip.
  • Multiple allowances can be configured on employees.
  • Turn allowances reports into invoices and send them to employees. 

abdul's payslip

payslip in payroll

salary slip of april 2022

deduction inother allowances

abdul's deduction in payroll

abdul,s salary slip