Bulk Payslip Generation


Payslips Generation - For a bulk of employees

While working with a huge staff, it will be headache to generate and manage each and every employee payslips manually in the system at the end of the month.
To reduce the time of Accounting Team, we have provided the functionality to generate payslips for multiple employees at once.
Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how an Accounting Team can easily generate bulk payslip for multiple employees at once in our ERP System.

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Bulk Payslip Generation

Al Sahal HRMS provides the functionality of handling all payslip generation operations, through autonomous processes, which saves the time of its users. 
  • Create payslips for selected employees.  
  • Month-wise payslip generation of employees.
  • Payslip can be generated on the basis of a period also. 

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payslip batches in may month

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payslips batches in may month

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