Salary Structure Based On Employee Category


Salary Structure - Employee Category wise

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how salary rules are grouped in a salary structure and how the respected salary structure can be defined in employee's contract.
The Whole configuration will be in a structural manner so that it will so much easy for Accounting team to manage payroll process for different employees.

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Salary Structures / Salary Management

Planning, managing, and analyzing the salary structure of employees was never so easy before with a fully automated Al Sahal HRMS salary management system. Following are the key features of the Salary Structure based on the employee category module.  
  • Salary slips of employees can be configured on a week, monthly, as well as yearly basis. 
  • Based upon configuration if required, the system will be able to calculate after-tax deduction from employee salary. 
  • Automatic generation of each employee's salary payslip along with bank invoice.
  • Each employee will receive a payslip of their salary in the email itself. 
  • Higher authorities will be able to keep a trace of the salary history of employees. 

salary structure in payroll

salary structure in payroll

payroll salary structure

regular pay in salary structure

employee in structure types in payroll