Employees' Payslips Generation

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how Accounting Team will be able to generate different employee's related pay slips based on their running contracts in ERP System.

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Manage Payslips Through Online HRMS

Al Sahal HRMS provides the functionality of handling all payslip generation operations. The following are the features of the Al Sahal Payslip module: 

  • Automatic payslip generation. 
  • On employee request, share employee payslips with them via email. 
  • Payslip approval from higher authority. 
  • The system will automatically generate payslip journal entries on accounts. 
  • Payslip calculation based on salary rule.
  • Add/deduct different types of allowances, Commissions, overtime, etc on employee payslip. 
  • Easy to review Payslip history whenever needed.