Salary Computation

Al Sahal Payroll management provides one-click salary computation with easy to view, access and printing of payslips.


Salary Computation

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how our ERP system is capable to manage and calculate basic, allowances, deductions, net salary etc. with just a one click.

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Payroll-Salary Computation

The system is designed to address the entire spectrum of corporate payroll requirements ensuring accurate, faster, and efficient reports processing. The Payroll management module allows you to automate payroll-related records including wages, bonuses, accruals, and other forms of compensation, based on user-defined rules. The software enhances productivity and ensures 100% precision, even for limited time-frame records.

Payroll management provides one-click salary computation with easy to view, access, and printing of payslips.

Al Sahal (Saudi HR) generates Payroll with a single click by taking Basic Salary + Allowances – Deductions. It saves lots of time to do the complicated salary computation of allowance, deductions, absents, cash advance installment deductions, overtime, etc.

The payroll management process refers to a company's employee's financial records, like employee's salaries, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. The system lists out all the employees of a company who receive remuneration for work carried out or services offered to the company.

It provides a summary of the entire money paid to staff by a company within a specific time as dictated by the law.  The module has additional features to calculate the payroll, like dynamic salary structures, based on the following features:
Note: Automatic calculations of working days based on attendance.

                                GOSI Contribution and Deductions

                                HADAF Calculations

                                Overtime Allowance

                                Advance Salary Deductions

                                Loan Deductions

                                Bonus Calculations

                                Extra Allowances

                                Extra Deductions

                                House Rent Allowance

                                Conveyance Allowance

                                Travel Allowance

                                Airfare Allowance

                                Expense Reimbursement

                                Expense Deductions

                                Provident Fund Deductions

                                Professional Tax Deductions

                                Gross Amount  Deductions

                                Total Deductions Calculations

                                Working Days Calculations

                                Leaves Deductions

                                Employees Pay slip based on workdays leaves deductions and based on other Inputs.
                                Automated salary computation based on allowances and deduction

                                employee salary slip

                                in employee salary computation

                                employee pay slip - salary slip

                                employee salary computation in samployee payslip

                                Payslip Batches

                                Payslips for multiple batches, sections, and departments can be instantaneously generated, removing the need for preparing payslips individually thus saving time and additional human efforts.
                                Supplementary tasks like calculation of basic salary, allowances, vouchers, loans, incentives, and tax will be automatically computed by the system.

                                genarate payslip in payslip batches in payroll

                                payroll analysis

                                Additional Features

                                Pay slips batches Management
                                Pay Slip Export
                                Pay slip Bank Advice