Loan Request & Procedure

Loan calculations and deductions in employees' monthly payslip generation.Also facilitates to generate and mange different kinds of operations based on employees' loans


Loan Requests & Installment Calculation in Payslip

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how employees will be able to generate Loan Requests and how HR Manager can handle it.

Different Loan related operations like skip installment, Loan Payment, Increase Loan Amount will be managed by HR Manager in our ERP System.

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Flow chart of Loan Management

Loan Request & Procedure

Any employee, who has spent a good amount of time for a company with utmost dedication, is liable to receive bonuses and benefits from the company. Also during circumstances when the employee is in need of money, the company may sanction him a loan depending upon the severity.
However, a loan given by the company to the employee sums up as a burden for HR, as it adds another element to be considered while processing payroll, and any mistake may not end up good for HR. This calls for a precise loan management system.
Al Sahal a cloud-based HR system, provides an easy-to-use Loan Management module, wherein the HR ought to enter the loan details and leaves the rest on the software. The payroll is easily processed considering the bonus and deductions including loan EMI. In addition, if the employee requests to skip the EMI for a particular month or duration, on approval the module manages the skipped EMI’s and generates the payroll accordingly. 

loan details at draft stage

loan approved at confirm stage

loan detail at approved stage

Loan in employee draft stage

loan related detail in employee

employee payslips  in payroll

loan operations in employees

in employees , loan operations i approved stage

loan operation in employee at draft stage

With Al Sahal loan management, HR's can make

Loan Entry

A one-time entry, including the name of the employee, loan amount with the EMIs, interest if any, to be paid, and the time period is all the information an HR needs to provide. The software automatically starts deducting the loan from the employee’s monthly salary as per the instructions provided.

Loan Deviation

For some reason, the employee can’t pay his EMI for the month or be able to pay a lesser amount, the software gives the ability to deviate the amount of loan for the month while allowing the HR to add compensatory options.

Increase Loan Amount

If an employee wants to increase their loan amount, then they can also submit a request for a loan amount increment.

Loan Foreclosure

If in any case, the employee can no longer pay the loan through his salary, for instance, job resignation or advanced payment, the system allows the HR to foreclose the account, after which the loan deduction will be removed from the employee’s profile.

Loan Repay

When an employee wants to pay the rest of the whole amount at once then they can submit a request to the HR Manager regarding this.

Al Sahal Employee Self-Service Portal

Through Al Sahal’s Employee self-service portal, the employee can also know his/her loan status information like balance amount, period left, etc and they can also generate different requests to their managers like, increasing loan amount, skip Instalment and loan payment details. Thus, Al Sahal provides loan options to your employee without overloading your HR workload.

loan detail in employee

paid instalment in loan

loan operations ,in confirm stage, waiting approval stage, approved stage

paid installments in done stage

Features Summary:

Loans Request Based on Amount and Duration

Loans Approvals

 Automatic Installment Deductions via Payslips

Skip Instalment Request

Loan Payment Process &  Loan Payment Details

Increase Loan Amount