Insurance & Claims

Different Insurance Policies related calculations and affect in employees' payslips.


Insurance & Claim Management

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how our ERP system is capable to manage different employees Insurance records along with their premium amount with installments.
Employees can also generate claims for their Insurance records and the approved amount will be given to them.

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Insurance & Claims

Insurance policy requests, automatic deductions of premiums on monthly, quarterly, half-year selected options, claim management, and PDF reports related to the policy can be generated.
  • Employees can apply for an insurance policy with a suitable premium amount as per their needs. 
  • Insurance premiums can be paid on a Monthly, Quarterly, Half Year or Yearly basis.
  • Insurance invoices will be created automatically at a defined duration.
  • When the Employee claims the insurance amount then the HR manager will approve the claim request.
  • Employees will be able to view their insurance summary and export the details in PDF format.

employee insurance details

insurance detail

insurance employee detail

employees' claim details

employee details, supplier details,policy detail

Employees' insuarance details

Features Summary

Insurance Policy Request

Premium calculations based on month, quarter, half-year and yearly

Claims Management

Insurance summary and PDF reports