Advance salary & Skip instalment

Manage advance salary request generated by employees.Employees can also generate request to skip instalment to their managers.


Advance Salary Requests with/without Installments

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how employees will be able to generate advance salary request and submit to HR Manager.
They also have options to pay their amount with or without installments. Based on the configuration, amount will be deducted from employees' monthly payslips.
For Installments, employees can also generate skip installment request in case of any financial need.

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Advance Salary and Skip Installment Request

Similar to a loan request, the employee can request an advance salary from the HR department. On approval, the advance salary is automatically adjusted in the employee’s payslip.
  • Employees can request for Advance Salary to HR Managers as well as employees can also request to skip Installments.
  • The HR Manager will approve advance salary requests.
  • Advance salary will be deducted from the respected employee’s monthly salary.

Advance Salary confirm stage

advance salary approved salary

april 2022 slary slip

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Advance Salary Request

Advance Salary Approval

Automatic deductions via payslips