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Leaves Allocation
Al Sahal HR automates leave management with employee self tracking feature

Allocate different kind of Leaves to employees

Watch the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how HR Manager will be able to allocate leaves by employee, department, employee tag and company wise.

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Leave Management : Leave Allocation

Al Sahal cloud-based HR system automates leave management with easy-to-use employee self-tracking features. It is specially designed for Small, Medium, and Large scale industries and businesses, to streamline all the critical areas of leave allocation, tracking, managing, and grant/reject leaves.
Al Sahal HR simplifies year-end leave processing by automating leave lapsing, carry-overs, and encashments for all employees regarding the leave policy. With accurate calculations, organisations can make a smooth transition to the next financial year.
Leave Management Flow chart

Advanced Leave Configuration

Whether you want to take a leave type like a company holiday or standard ones like maternity leave, you can do all of this with the Advanced Leave Configuration tool. Define your leave policies and set them up in Al Sahal Saudi Arabia HRM. Once they are live everything will work in the background.

Customisable PTO Policy

One PTO (Paid Time Off) policy does not fit all organisations, which is why Al Sahal HR allows as many policies to be created on your account as you need. You can set up an unlimited PTO policy for a single team, change accruals by location or department, introduce paternity leave company-wide, or even create individual policies for every employee if you want to.

Customise Leaves Type

Al Sahal HRMS allows the HR manager to create new leave types for unusual situations for company holidays or standard ones like annual leave, maternity leave, hajj leave, umrah leave, etc. As configured, the paid leaves, annual leaves, and public holidays are not deducted from employees' payslips. Sandwich leave scenarios are also managed.

Manage Leaves at Multiple Level

Allows managers to handle requests for their own team and multiple approval levels can be set. Employees can review the request themselves with approval/refusal notes.

Allocation of time off

annual leaves details

allocation detail of time off

All time off of employee

    • HR Managers can configure Public Holidays like Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha for ifferent Financial Years.

    • Annual paid leaves can be configured so they are not deducted while generating Employees’ payslips.

Integration with Payroll

Leave encashment rules can be configured in Payroll. If encashment is done, the amount is added to the employee's salary.

Integration with Employee Self Service

HR Managers allocate different leaves such as Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, etc., and based on the allocated leaves employees are able to put in a leave request.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) provides portal access to employees where they can view their attendance, apply for leave, check balance leaves, overtime (OT), salary, personal details, etc.
  • Employees can request a business tour and get managerial approval or mark those requests to other senior authorities.
  • Before leaving for vacation, employees or managers can request leave, advance salary, and even book flights, if they are allowed to.

allocation of time off

abdul's annual leaves

All Time Off details

Leave’s configuration

Leaves allocation by department, employee tag, company and by individual employee, etc. Based on leaves configuration, the remaining working hours amount is allocated.
  • One time used leave
  • Public Holidays

Time off types in hrms

Public holiday's details for year 2022

marriage leaves in time off type