Employee Evaluation

Identify highly proficient employees and increase your productivity by analyzing the real-time performance of your employees.


Employee Evaluation / Performance Evaluation

Identify highly proficient employees and increase your productivity by analysing the real-time performance of your employees.

Develop an Evaluation Form

The evaluation form makes it easy to rate the performance of the employees. You can develop an evaluation form for measuring employee performance using assessment workflow settings.

Well-defined Performance Criteria

You can create well-defined performance criteria and standards that enable a fair evaluation of the employee’s performance matching his job description.

Project-Based Performance Evaluations

The project-based performance evaluations help identify gaps in competency and also enable organisations to focus on the type of projects they do best as a team.

Deliver Clarity of Job Expectations to Your Employees

By setting goals and objectives you are delivering the clarity of job expectations to your employees. This will help your employees to focus on their priorities.

Effective Performance Monitoring

Monitoring your employee’s performance gives you minute detail on employee performance so that you can reward employees who go above and beyond to meet your expectations. 

Less Time Consuming

Individual evaluation of employees’ performance can take a lot of your time. The bell curves or normalisation analysis makes the evaluation process quick and efficient, thus helping managers save a lot of time that can be utilised to focus on other important and productive jobs.

Simple and Easy Employee Evaluation

Simplifying complex HR tasks is one of our major USPs. Our employee evaluation system makes it easy to build evaluations, monitor them, and deliver powerful reports.

Accurate, Valid and Reliable Data

An effective employee evaluation system provides accurate, reliable, and valid data that ensure a fair and transparent performance review process.

Accommodates Custom Processes

Our system is designed to meet specific business needs – from providing real-time feedback to scheduled annual reviews, from performance evaluations to project-based assessment, our system has got it all covered.

Elimination of Manager Bias

An efficient employee evaluation system eliminates the risk of personal bias, favouritism, and arbitrary judgement on the part of the management because now the decisions will be based solely on the performance of the employees.