Employees' Resignation

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how employees will be able to generate request for the resignation and how HR Manager will be able to manage operations.

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Employee Leave Management

Al Sahal HRMS system also consists of a feature “Employee Leave Management” for making employee leaving processes simple and easy by automating many workflows to ensure smooth offboarding of employees on a positive note. 
It will speed up all clearance processes of employees. The following are the major key features of Employee Leaving software:
  • Use of standard Resignation form covering all required details of the employee.
  • Request approval of resignation form from higher authorities such as HR, Manager of the company. 
  • Automated document management system 
  • High tech employee asset management system 
  • Ready to use a standard HR letter template 
  • Automated emails notifications
  • Ready to use Exit form template, which can be modified based on requirements.