Employee Separation

Hassle-free way for Employee - EOS and Resignation process


Employee Separation

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes at the time of employee resignation/retirement process what kinds of formalities has been done by the HR Manager.

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Employee Separation

Employee separation can be a tedious process, with a host of formalities to be taken care of. Every organisation has its own business process flow for exit management. Al Sahal end of service (EOS) offers all configurable exit management systems. AL Sahal HR software platform makes it easy and seamless and far less demanding for your HR personnel. Right from offering an HR management portal for employees to record their resignations, to scheduling exit interviews at the click of a button, employees now have it easy when it comes to the process of separation. The HR department can create unique exit interview forms and view employee feedback on their HRMS system. The workflow for separation and essential reminders/notifications can be configured easily based on the organisational need.

Employee Resignation

AL Sahal HR management provides a portal for employees to record their resignations with the reason for leaving and revealing the date. The employee fills in the details and sends a resignation request to the HR manager.

Resignation Approval Workflow

Once the resignation request is submitted, further action will be taken by the HR manager. Next is the approval stage, wherein HR will assess the resignation application. Based on the assessment the application will be put on hold, approve, reject, request the employee to update the revealing date, or schedule an exit interview date with the employee.

Employee Clearance

On accepting the resignation of the employee, the clearance process is done, wherein all the products, devices, documents relevant to the company operations or business, assets (Car), or allocated residence are listed out. The departments relevant to the employee are informed and the work handover process is initiated till the notice period is served. The clearance process is gradually managed depending on the relevant date or the end of service date. Before the final working day, the handover process for the assets, devices, or documents is completed. 

Employee leaving and End of service indemnity - EOS

Depending on the Approve and Revealing date, the notice period and EOS will be calculated. With the end of service, the system will automatically calculate the remuneration as per the Saudi HR laws and the amount is included in the payslip. EOS reports can be generated for an employee.
  • Allows configuration of the exit process as per the organization's policies and process.
  • Online tracking of complete cycles.
  • Users can initiate the separation request online.
  • Approvals based on the configured policies.
  • Automatic blocking of roles and rights in the system after resignation and termination.
  • Termination option by manager or HR.
  • Multi-level Clearance option.
  • All Clearance processes can be done online.
  • Online Exit form for employees.
  • Captures complete information regarding the leaving employee.
  • Full & Final form having clearance information and other separation-related inputs.
  • Generate a payout statement for the exit settlement.
  • Automatic EOS calculation as per KSA rules
  • Automated payslips generation for the pending allocations and deductions
  • EOS Reports