Announcements/Broadcast Message

Sometimes to send a notice or a circular to multiple employees at once, company needs broadcast message functionality.
Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language to broadcast a message to multiple/all employees at once with just a single click.
Users will be able to add attachments also with a broadcast message.

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Announcement in HR System

For standardized business management, an organization can select a variety of channels for effective announcement across the lines within the system on the basis of its own peculiarities. Nowadays, with the advent of high tech, many software systems have gained a lot of ground, where announcements can be made among subsystems of a company. 
Nevertheless, our Al Sahal HRMS ensures that every employee of the company is able to keep core business announcements and developments. The following are the list of key features which Al Sahal announcement system grants:
  • All employees are kept up to date with the key announcement as they happen.
  • Super easy to reach everyone in one place with the latest news from the business.
  • Club employees into groups along with admin for the fast and reach out for announcements. 
  • Amplify the quality and quantity of announcements by setting up rules. 
  • Live broadcast of all announcements, with real-time comments, questions & answers. 
  • Ensure all strategic and important announcements are surfaced at the top of employees' feeds.
  • Keep employees engaged and informed at the time of announcement with the use of a live chat option. 
  • Easy tracing of employee insight for all well-thought-out announcements. 

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