Document Management

Move to a paperless approach.


Document Management

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how HR Manager can manage a centralized document repository for different modules like Human Resource, Product, Project, Recruitment, Accounting etc.

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Document Management System (DMS) Reinvented

With Odoo Documents, you can easily share, send, categorise, and archive scanned documents. You can also generate business documents such as vendor bills, tasks, and product sheets for manufacturing.
  • Streamline Your Workflow

    Take advantage of a fully integrated approval, control, and validation process, with activities, chatter, and action rules to make sure everything gets done by the right person at the right time.
  • Email Gateway

    Using the email gateway, bills are created automatically from a scanned document or directly from your vendor's email.
  • Collaborate With Your Team And Clients

    Assign documents to your colleagues, customers, or vendors. Share files and public folders with your clients, and let them import documents directly.
  • Seamless Work With Sign

    Don’t waste time printing and scanning documents that someone has to sign. Instead, assign them to the right person, get them e-signed, and have them sent directly back.
  • Process Documents In Batch

    Work in batch by requesting approvals, changing folders, tagging and assigning multiple files at once instead of one by one.
  • Integrated with Odoo Apps

    Documents integrate with other Odoo Apps.  Track versions of plans and worksheets with PLM, create your vendor bills in one click with the help of our AI in Accounting or create tasks from specific document.



Online preview of most file formats: PDF, images, videos..


Upload regular files, or create documents as links (e.g. Google Doc files)


Discuss on documents, ping people, or create next activities to track activities to do on a document.

Owner & Contact

Assign documents to users, customers/vendors or Odoo documents (invoices, task, product, ...)



Hierarchical folders allows to define workspace having their own set of tags and actions.


Set multiple tags to structure documents per folder.


Documents linked to resources (invoices, tasks) are integrated in the document management system  

Easy Filters

Define your own filters, and save the most used ones into favourite filters you can share with other users .

Split PDFs

Split multi-pages PDFs into several documents; very useful when you scan documents in batches.

Work In Batch

Tag, preview, or launch actions on a set of documents at once, to work in batches.


Ability to archive or delete documents. As a protection, you have to archive a documents, before deleting

 Access Rights

 Access rights are easily customisable per folder.


Shared Folders

Share folders to offer access to external users (with or without logins) and allow them to upload new documents

Share Documents

Share a list of documents with customers/vendors to collaborate easily. Set a validity date on shared documents.

Email Gateway

A small explanation of this great
feature, in clear words.


Customised Actions

Define automated actions per folders, contacts, and/or tasks: create documents, process bills, sign, organize files, etc.

Document Requests

Ability to create "missing documents" and organize them like documents, to remind people to upload these documents.


Ability to lock a file to warn other users that a specific document is being modified.

Validation Process

Easily implement a custom validation process with tags and automated actions.

showing this documents's configuration

documents in pdf

document attachment

in document confihuration page

pdf view in documents

document pdf view

documents excel view


  • Project Management

    Create tasks from documents in just a few clicks. (e.g. specification of a task to be converted).
  • Electronic Signature

    Integrate Odoo Documents with Odoo Sign to sign documents or request signatures in just a few clicks.
  • Vendor Bills

    Create vendor bills from PDF or Images documents with just a click. The Artificial Intelligence engine will process bills automatically.
  • PLM

    Integrate documents with the PLM to track versions of plans or worksheets on the product form, or engineering change orders.