Centralized Document Repository

Which makes all the document management operations easy.


Manage your documents centrally

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how users will be able to manage all of their documents directly from one place.
With the centralization of documents, it will be so much easy for users to manage it.

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Centralized Document Repository

Al Sahal HRMS provides the functionality of a Centralized Document Repository, which makes all the document management operations easy. The following are the features of the Centralized Document Repository system.
  • Higher authorities such as administrators can easily set permissions for controlling access to documents.
  • Tracing of changes done in the document. 
  • Assign work to employees at the time of sharing documents with them. 
  • Share documents through file transfer protocol, emails, etc. 
  • Ensure document and document data protection.
  • Easy collaboration among assigned team members. 
  • Standardized document management: monitor, edit and back up data. 
  • Super easy to retrieve information with minimal effort. 
  • Flexible Integration with other applications to boost efficiency. 

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