Employee GOSI & HADAF

Manage employee GOSI and HADAF calculations


Calculation for GOSI & HADAF

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how the calculation of GOSI and HADAF will be done for employees according to the Saudi Government Labour Law.

Employees' GOSI and HADAF calculation will be affected in pay slips also.

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Employee GOSI & HADAF

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is a Saudi Arabian government agency concerned with social insurance in the country.

Calculations for the GOSI are based on the earnings of an employee and the employee's nationality.

GOSI is a state agency in Saudi Arabia, responsible for social insurance GOSI implementations, social insurance rules, collects contributions from employees and employers, and pays benefits to entitled insured persons and eligible family members. This functionality used recording the required information for calculating GOSI contributions to be paid by an employee and employer.

  • GOSI calculations are based on the standard GOSI rules for Saudi nationals and Bahraini employees, GOSI will be deducted on payslip generation and the summarized deductions can be easily tracked from an individual employee's record.
  • As per the HADAF rule, the calculations will be automatically deducted with Employees’ monthly payslips generation.
  • Both GOSI and HADAF calculations and deductions are managed in this module.