Job Requisition
Create job requisitions to increase your manpower.

Requisition for Job

Watch out the functionality in Arabic Language that describes how HR Manager will be able to configure the recruitment cycle for an organization for the current or forecasted employees.

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Job Requisition

Ensure quality hires from multiple sources while streamlining your recruitment process.
job requition flow chart
Department-wise job requisitions are created according to job-required positions. They are posted on websites, newspapers, and different social media channels. 

Job Offers

Post job offers on your website and follows the application process within the Kanban view.

Recruitment Process Management

Manage a pipeline of candidates for your open positions and get organized with smart activities management.

Automatic Indexation

Create a well-organised repository with all your applicants’ resumes, instantly accessible.

Employment Websites

Link job offers from different employment websites to your module and keeps an eye on all your offers.

Calendar Integration

Schedule interviews and send meeting invites directly from Odoo and synchronise your Odoo calendar with Google Calendar.


Manage everything from application emails to automatic answers right from the app.

Define Job Requisitions


 Manage Job Positions

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job requisition in recruitment